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3 Milk

A Spanish style cake made with 3 kind of milk and your choice of fresh strawberries, peach or walnut.

Black Forest

Layers of chocolate cake filled with cherry and vanilla cream with shredded chocolate on top.


Pineapple Cake

Layers of moist vanilla cake filled with fresh pineapple.


Banana Walnut Cake

Layers of vanilla sponge cake filled with fresh bananas and chopped walnut.



Layers of sponge cake and buttery napoleon crust filled with vanilla cream.



Three layers of Chiffon cake with vanilla or custard (raspberry or lemon) topped with almond marzipan.



Three layers of sponge cake filled with vanilla cream.


Chocolate Raspberry

Layers of chocolate cake, raspberry sauce, and chocolate cream.


Nepolean Pastry

Layers of puff pastry (thousands layer dough) with the light custard cream. 

Mango Cake 

Vanilla cake and vanilla cream with chunks of mango.  


Persian Gourmet Items



• Donmarki, Roulade
• Zoolbia-Bomieh
• Persian Cookies
• Baklava
• Pirashki (Persian doughnuts)


Italian Cream Cake

Layers of moist sponge cake layered with creamy custard and topped with coconuts and toasted walnuts.


Strawberry Cake

Sponge cake layers filled with fresh strawberries and topped with whipped cream.


Lemon Cake

Chiffon cake layered with lemon custard and topped with lemon cream.


Raspberry Cake

Sponge cake layers filled with fresh raspberries and topped with whipped cream.



Layers of moist chocolate cake filled with coffee flavored whipped cream.



Layers of moist vanilla cake mixed with cappuccino, filled with cappuccino whipped cream.


Chocolate Ganache

Layers of chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse and topped with ganache.


Mixed Fruit

Layers of vanilla cake filled with kiwi, orange pineapple, and strawberries.

Orea Cake

Chocolate cake with vanilla cream and crunchy Oreo cookies.

Cardamon & Rosewater Cake 

Layers of vanilla cake with mix of cardamon and rosewater.


Party Trays

Whether you are planning a wedding reception, birthday party, or business dinner, we are here to meet all of your specific needs. We understands the special one-of-a-kind nature of your event and are committed to using all of our resources and skill to match your desire & imagination.


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